Magnet systems for beam stores are particularly slim to enable them to be used even in narrow material webs.

Gaps between stacks or even aisles are no longer necessary. Magnet systems also make it unnecessary to separate layers.

On ground floors, large sections can be stacked one on top of the other, without spacers placed in between. It is no longer necessary to observe the general rule “stack height equals man height” with a magnet system.

All this adds up to a higher packing density for your store. Considerable savings on the amount of space or area required usually offsets the relatively low investment costs for a magnet system.

Why use lifting magnets?

Increased safety – no need for extra personnel in or around the lifting zone

Better handling quality – no pressure marks or damage to material edges

Higher storage density – no need for gaps between piles of material

Increased productivity – fast, reliable gripping and lifting of the load

Cost saving – allows one-man operation and storage management

Two hooks are better than one

It is not possible to transport beams steadily with a single crane hook.

A single hook solution means that the material or magnet system has to be guided by someone at floor level – an elaborate, time wasting, unsafe and difficult exercise.

With two crane hooks the magnets are in parallel position to the material.

This is essential for efficient and safe one-man operation.

Magnet systems are perfect for…

  • Coil handling and profile (hollow section and universal beam)
  • Lifting beams for stock items e.g. tube / long material


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