Crane Care are specialists in the manufacture of non-standard, overhead travelling cranes all designed to suit customers’ specialised requirements.

We offer a full design facility for gantry support steelwork from original concept through to full installation, lining and levelling. Complying with all relevant standards taking into consideration specialised site requirements.

Design Options

  • Single or double girder construction
  • Various hoists and drive equipment, all of low maintenance design and manufactured to ensure smooth operation in all directions
  • Electrical specification to suit your particular requirements – protection against adverse working environments available from IP 54 upwards
  • Lightweight underslung crane installations where maximum utilisation of floor space is an essential requirement
  • Control options include low voltage pendant and radio control
  • Programmable inverters – these can be installed offering a variety of speed and acceleration/deceleration characteristics
  • Other specialised features include load measuring equipment and fully automated programmable systems
  • As an economical alternative, a full range of jib cranes are available
  • Site safety – method statements and risk assessments carried out on all site work

Specialised Material Handling

  • Crane Care’s technical sales engineers are willing to attend your company location and consider any material handling problem
  • Advise on the use of standard or specialised equipment. Manual or electric
  • Advise and consider the impact of material handling solutions on productivity
  • Supply quotations with specification for approval

Lifting Beams

Many lifting equipment problems can be solved by using correctly designed lifting and spreader beams.

  • Fitted with quality grade 80 chains and/or wire rope and nylon slings.
  • Alloy shackles which are used predominantly for connection to the load.
  • Manufactured to lift uneven loads
  • Fabricated to support long flexible loads
  • Simple spreader beams to prevent crushing delicate loads
  • To enhance height of lift where required
  • Manually or electrically adjustable
  • All designs conform to relevant standards

Jib Cranes

The range comprises of under and overbraced designs which can be wall mounted or free standing, manual or power operated, restricted or continuous slewing.

Jib cranes can be fitted with various options including electric or air operated hoists and pendant or remote control.

In addition, any special configuration can be manufactured using knuckle jibs for confined spaces.

We can recommend the base size:

In order to anchor a jib crane, it is essential to fulfil two conditions:

  • Consideration to site conditions
  • Ground pressure & stability of the crane and anchor block must be assured

Information required for the formulation of a specification:

  • Height from control pendant to floor
  • Type of jib crane; wall, with partial or complete rotation
  • Maximum load to be lifted
  • Radius: distance from the axis of rotation to the axis of the hoist trolled
  • Height under the jib arm
  • Desired height of lift
  • Height from control level to ground (in the case of electric hoist)
  • Space free from obstruction above the crane
  • Power supply for jib cranes with powered hoisting
  • Intended usage: loading, maintenance, production
  • Interior or exterior use
  • Intensity of use (light, medium or heavy duty)
  • Atmosphere (normal, dusty, corrosive, humid)
  • Assembled complete or in kit form
  • Type of hoist

Runway Beams

Where specific lines of lift are required and overhead travelling cranes would be too restrictive for multi-use operations, then a combination of runway beams, under slung cranes and switch points are probably the best solution.
Radio control in place of pendant control gives the operator flexibility. It also helps prevent damage to collectors and switch points.

Crane Care offers the following services:

  • Discussion of design options with customers
  • Design of support steelwork and runway beams in line with relevant standards
  • Supply of special latch mechanisms & switch points as an integral part of the system
  • Crane Care are able to offer total turnkey projects from concept to final commissioning