A variety of collision avoidance systems are available

Gigasense GII Collision Avoidance (Microwave)

  • Collision avoidance system used for track bound cranes
  • To protect 2 cranes: one crane uses an A-unit and one crane uses a B-unit. A- and B-units each consists of an active antenna and a relay box. The antenna sends a microwave signal to the opposite unit to calculate the distance and relative speed.
  • To protect a crane from a wall or track end
  • Settings and readout of parameters are easily accessible via a display and push buttons in the relay box
  • Relay box contains 3 relays:
    • Relay 1 = warning (speed reduction) or flashing light
    • Relay 2 = stops crane movement
    • Relay 3 = failure / unidentified object alarm
  • Avoids crane accidents and protects property and production
  • Designed to work in the toughest conditions (e.g. steel works, harbours, mines etc)
  • Fail safe operation due to supervision of function, both in antenna box and relay box
  • The signal is very hard to disturb, the A- and B-units use different frequencies, different polarisation of the microwaves and a ‘fingerprint’ radar reflection. The function has a backup capacitor in case of power failure
  • The collision avoidance system is not disturbed by rain, dust / metal particles, fog or sunlight

Ultrasonic Collision Avoidance

  • A pulsed signal is transmitted through the air to calculate the distance over time from the signal transmitted and received signal (bounced back)
  • Increased frequency of bounced signal received the closer the unit is to the target
  • Can be used for a static target or a moving target

ReFlex Collision Avoidance

  • Infrared sensors used to prevent crane to crane or crane to end stop collisions
  • Adjustable from 2 feet to 120 feet
  • Uses a sensor and a reflector
  • Most commonly used when only a stop command is required but a two-channel sensor allows a primary stop and an emergency stop

Electronic Eye Collision Avoidance

  • Uses a laser to measure the distance between the laser and reflective target
  • Very high noise immunity
  • Can measure distances from 8 inches to 150 feet
  • Laser has a visible light beam so alignment is very easy

Linear Encoder Collision Avoidance

  • Linear encoder to pinpoint position
  • A series of unique sections with permanent magnets are mounted in a row at fixed specific intervals – the spacing represents a portion of the measurement section
  • The read head consists of a series of magnetoresistive sensors which can detect the position of at least 3 permanent magnets on the unique sections
  • Measures up to 1.7km
  • Non-contact system so it’s wear free
  • Absolute position measurement
  • Particularly suitable for use in cranes, in storage and conveyor engineering and on rail—bound vehicles